Busch Light & Busch 24 cans $13.99

Mich Golden 24 cans $16.99

Budweiser 24 cans $16.99

Bud Light 24 cans $16.99

Miller Lite 24 cans $17.99

Coors Light 24 cans $17.99

Tippy Cow - Shamrock mint, Vanilla and Orange creme $12.99

Fireball 1L $15.49

Phillips Vodka 1.75L $12.99

Golfers Welcome!

Bring in your receipt from the Pine Island Golf Course and receive a Two for One Drink!

Bicyclists Welcome!

Stop by the Muni after a long ride for a refreshing beverage on our patio! We are located at the end of the Douglas Trail!

Drinkers Welcome!

Build your own Bloody Mary Bar every Saturday and Sunday!

Card Players Welcome!

Euchre at 11am Saturday, June 25th!  *  Poker at 1pm Saturday, July 2nd!

Euchre at 11am and Poker at 1pm every other Saturday!

Pine Island Sports Bar & Liquor Store

On Sale-Off Sale and Patio